We make the interior production.
It includes design, estimation, goods procurement, and renovation at a fixed price

Interior production, from an executed contract to moving in, takes from 12 months

Creating the interior design project
Quarter 1
Creating furniture design project
Fixing the value
Quarter 2
Erection of partition walls
Installing the utility systems
Quarter 3
Ceilings installation
Doors installation
Quarter 4
Furniture and appliances installation

Interior production, from an executed contract to moving in, takes from 12 months

Design works
Quarter 1
Quarter 2
Quarter 3
Quarter 4
Making a layout
Making a sketch plan
Making the final design concept
Making a sketch plan for furniture
Making the final design concept for furniture
Designing the air ventilation system
Designing the heating system
Designing the water delivery system
Designing the wastewater disposal system
Designing the power supply system
Developing the budget
Fixing the value
Discussing replanning
Construction supervision
Finishing facilities
Dismantling of partition walls
Erection of partition walls
Glass-fiber mat sizing
Attaching porcelain stoneware
Floor soundproofing and waterproofing
Floor levelling
Installing underfloor heating
Placing porcelain stoneware onto the floor
Floor priming
Placing veneer wood onto the floor
Placing wood block flooring
Placing cork compensators
Ceiling soundproofing
Installing plasterboard ceiling
Ceiling priming
Ceiling calking
Putting glass-fiber mats onto the ceiling
Ceiling coloring
Utility systems
Installing the water delivery system and the wastewater disposal system
Installing the heating system
Installing the electricity supply system
Installing the vacuum ventilation system
Installing air conditioners
Doors and windows
Windows installation
Doors installation
Furniture and appliances
Furniture production
Furniture installation
Appliances installation


All interiors
We are the members of the professional communities of the USA and Russia
Problem-free renovation
You buy an interior as a ready product. The renovating process will not take you away from your family, business, or vacation. We are the ones who control the working process, deliveries, and quality of products.
Full responsibility
We are in charge of the whole interior and solve all possible mistakes.
Fixed price
We fix the price of the whole interior at the stage of the design project so it will not rise during realization.